Cambodia Heading North – Mike

15 May 2015:

We left Phnom Pehn on the 14 May after visits to the torture museum and the Killing fields. Very sobering. Hard to describe the feeling as you wander around these important museums …. Humans can be very, very horrible to each other. 1 in 4 Cambodians lost their lives in 4 or 5 years between 1975 and 1979.

Our trip out of Phnom Pehn was interesting to say the least. To get around some road works we took a detour that we noticed trucks had been taking. Ended up going through relatively new housing but the road turned into a 4 wheel drive road. And very bad waste management … In fact none  … Piles of rubbish in the road. Eventually we found our way around the out skirts of the city and across a toll bridge ( the only toll we came across in Cambodia ) and back onto the high way north. And made it to Kampong Cham by around 3 pm or not to long after.

We left Kampong Cham this morning. Made it Kratie for Lunch at nice restaurant on the banks of the Mekong. The order of the day was Mango Salad with shrimp. Heading north the road was initially good and quite fast travelling with very light traffic. Then we hit sections of gravel, some good and some not so good.

The hotel last night – the Mekong was good value. US $ 18 / air con and views of the Mekong. Dinner last night quality again. And this morning just for fun we drove across the Bamboo bridge. It goes to an island and runs for more than 500 m , constructed from only Bamboo and fencing wire, with a few planks along the way. The toll was $5.00 for the 2 way journey . On the island where villages and a swimming beach. ( non of us took the opportunity! ) .

As we are moving north it looks and feels dryer again. Fairly open country , some cattle wandering around , random road works …. Some new sections with new bitumen and lots of loose blue metal, some gravel and some sections of older road surface.

It is clear also as we head further north the Communities a clearly poorer.

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