Street Art – Peter 3

Street Art - Peter
3rd May 2015:  Georgetown is known for its street art. Spent the morning wandering around town exploring the street art. Here is a small selection. Later that afternoon we decide that it would be better paying a rickshaw rider to pedal us around the Old City as this is very good for the local economy ...

Georgetown – Peter 8

Georgetown - Peter
2nd May 2015:  We decide that our first destination in Malaysia should be Georgetown about 4 hours to the north of Kuala Lumpar on the island of Penang. We plot the route we think we would like to follow in our GPS and off we go. Our GPS unfortunately has mind of its own and ...

Classic Bike Festival – Peter

Classic Bike Festival - Peter
1st May 2015: Well today was a much better day. Everything is quiet here because of the Labour Day holiday. In the afternoon we all trundled off to have a look at the Classic Bike Festival. There was an amazing array of bikes; of particular interest were the number of vintage WWII bikes. There was quite ...
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