Gallipoli – Poignant Memories – Peter 3

Gallipoli   -   Poignant Memories - Peter
30th July 2015:  The next day we headed off early to catch the ferry for our boat ride to the Gallipoli Peninsula. On leaving the pier we looked back and said goodbye to Asia. Another milestone of our journey had been reached, we were heading for Europe. First stop of the day was to the ...

The Trojan Horse – Peter 1

The Trojan Horse - Peter
29th July 2015:  We decided to miss Istanbul (Barry doesn’t like driving in big cities) and instead headed straight for Canakkale a small town on the eastern side of the Gallipoli Peninsula. On the way we got our first view of Europe as we drove along the Black Sea. We stopped and all had a ...

Bursa – Peter

Bursa - Peter
July 2015:  Leaving Es…. we by skirted Ankara and stopped at Bursa. Ankara looked like a mini Chinese town with all it’s high rise apartments built in blocks of 10 – 20. The apartment blocks were not as tall as in China and seemed to have more space between the blocks themselves. Still looked pretty ...
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