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7 May 2015: 

As I left home on the 1 May, today is one week into the tour for me. ( The others arrived earlier ).

This morning we worked out we have travelled approximately 1200km. Averaging about 250 to 280 km a day.

Of note this morning was as we were getting ready to leave our hotel, guests for the other hotel tower ( the up market part of the complex)  were getting ready to go. They were Thai folks on tower in 4 or 5 of the most blinged up tour coaches you have ever seen. Air brushed and decorated, some with massive external speakers. Lots of photos. Full wifi while you travel with meals etc.

As we left the hotel we met a Hong Kong guy who was traveling around Asia in a VW Combi van. We  exchanged pleasantries and he provided us with a sticker for our car. To follow his story his blog address is:

Hong Kong Traveler

Hong Kong Traveler

As we have moved north it has defiantly become wealthier.  Less old cars and more industry etc .  Further south there where a lot of old Mercs.  Lots of the small towns we travelled through where just one long strip. The physical layout of the towns a classic representation of the  movement  economy ( to speak in planning jargon).

Also we are experiencing lots more freight trucks as you can imagine; produce heading towards the big city of Bangkok … Like all cities drawing produce and resources from the surrounding landscape.

Along the road side we have moved through Palm Oil plantations, Rubber tree plantations , fruit growing … Not that much rice paddies. A lot of the time roads are well planted with street trees .  We have taken both highways and more local roads and our GPS has take us through some interesting little side streets. For example yesterday when trying to find our hotel we got sent in the back streets of Chumpong, through a little village like area.  What you see in the back streets in the towns or the rural areas as always is more inserting than along the highways.

Today we hope to stop a 100km short of Bangkok at a seaside location. Trip advisor tells us the hotel prices will be more expensive and looks like a few resorts etc.  On the main we have been paying about $20.00 a night. Both in Malaysia ( apart from first night which was $40) and Thailand. But the quality has varied.

Fuel along the way is easy to get a big road houses. Most look just the same as home, with convenience stores stocked to eye balls with food and stuff for the traveller.  Fuel is a little over a $1.00 a litre or around 25 – 28 BHT a litre.

We have been leaving our hotel each day about 8:00 and traveling until about 3:00 pm with a couple stops, finding a hotel and the washing up and having look around for a place for dinner and beer. We slipping into a routine that seems to work ok.

We looking to get to the China Lao boarder by the 20 May ( 14 days away ) with at least a couple of stops along the way.

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  1. Reply Barb and Steve May 8,2015 3:31 am

    Hi Peter Barry and Mike
    Loving the blog things seem to be going well for you all no dramas which is good. Good luck and safe tavels Steve and Barb xoxoxo

  2. Reply Pete and Shazz May 11,2015 4:28 am

    Hi PJ, Barry and Mike,
    look like all going well so fare, just think of us lot back here working while you are globe trotting ,,,,LOL,,,, Peter and Sharon

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