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From May to August 2015 the three of us Barry Mike and Peter are driving overland from, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia to Paris France, in early model Peugeots.  The vehicles are a 1960’s and a 1981 Peugeot.

Barry's Car


Peter's Car

The expedition will travel through more than 20 countries and cover 27,000 km, taking approximately 4 months.

The Overland Tour will see us shipping our vehicles from Australia to Kuala Lumpar in Malaysia, then driving north up through the south east Asian countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Overlandtoparis Route

Approximate Route


The tour then ventures into China followed by Mongolia and Russia. From there we head further west into the eastern bloc countries of Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakstan before venturing further west through Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, then into Iran. In Iran we hope to visit the historic cities of Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazad.  Then the tour moves on to Turkey where we head for Istanbul, and onto Gallipoli before heading into Eastern Europe.

The final 15 days, once the tour crosses the Bosporus (at Istanbul) we will officially enter Europe. The final route to Paris is still to be decided, however we envisage we will drive through Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria or through Greece and across into southern Italy before heading to finish in Paris France.

The purpose of the tour is to take on a challenging endeavour that encompasses mateship that brings us into contact with lots of different cultures and where we get the opportunity of meeting lots of new people and hearing their stories.

All three travellers have already undertaken considerable travel around the world but never in a situation where we will need to support each other to the extent we will need to on this trip.

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  1. Steve & Glenda Apr 3,2015 7:00 pm

    Sounds great Peter. We will also be travelling O/S during May, June & July following the Silk Route. There will be 3 vehicles (LC 80 & 100 Series & a Nissan Patrol) departing London 5th. May. Driving through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan & Mongolia before finishing at Vladivostok. Approx. 12wks & 20,000km. Who knows we may run into each other (figuratively speaking only).
    Safe travels,
    Steve & Glenda.

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