Ancient Ligiang – Peter

28th May 2015: 

The Ancient town of Ligiang is one of the prettiest towns I have seen. It lies under the shadow of the Jade River Snow Mountain. It’s quite large for an ancient town and is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The buildings are everything you would expect from a traditional Chinese town. They roofs, the windows and adornings are very ornate. All the buildings have paintings on them. The streets are very narrow and are all made of cobblestone. Three waterways flow through the town. Many of the locals dress in their traditional dress. Tradition is highly valued in this area of China with all school children required to wear a uniform. It all adds to the splendour of the town which is the home of the Naxis people. The Naxis people have their own dress and language.

Last night I attended a Naxis orchestral performance. It was held in an old beautifully ornate music hall. There were 22 people in the orchestra – all Naxis people. Of the 22, 6 were older than 80. The music was very Chinese. It was interesting to see the different types of instruments they used, many of which I had never seen before.

The next morning Lily (our Guesthouse mother) took us sightseeing through the old town ending up at the local market where she did the shopping for the evening meal. It was a wonderful experience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lily, Petal, Gerry and Mr Bao for their very kind hospitality and making our stay in Ligiang such a wonderful experience. Thanks guys.




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