Belgrade – Serbia – Peter

7th August 2015: 

Arrived in Belgrade and stayed at the Hotel Excelsior in the city, just outside the city heart. It was a beautiful hotel that had recently be refurbished. The interior designer did a superb job of blending modern furniture with a classical decor and building. The building itself dated back to the early part of the last century.

Belgrade has some beautiful old buildings many of which have undergone renovation so that the town is recapturing its spark of old. Perhaps not so nice to see was the bombed out shell of building that had once been the HQ for the Serbian forces and been struck by NATO bombs – very surgical.

Barry and I did a sight seeing tour and that was very interesting especially it’s early and more recent history. It has has been fought over many times.

Interesting for me was the modern art statues of Transformer models standing about 4 meters tall and completely made up of old car parts. I first glimpsed them on the sightseeing tour and later that evening set off to locate them for a better look. The area they are in turns out to be the major eating area in the city so I had dinner there. Even though it was a Monday evening the place was alive with shops open to about 10pm. All the transformer photos are on my IPhone and as I can’t send from it I can’t post them. Will do it later once I get my computer up and working again.


The other nice thing about Belgrade was that I finally began to see some worthwhile graffiti again something we saw very little off across Asia and Central Asia. I think like tattoos it is a Western cult thing.

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