Bob Marley – Peter

8th August 2015: 

Went to the Bob Marley film at the film festival as mentioned in my last post, not before however visiting the Pop Art Museum in the Museum Quarter. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit there was some really amazing Pop Art on display as the Museum took you through the history of Pop Art from the early sixties until the current day. Some of the Andy Warhol art I had never seen before in addition I made friends with a number of other artists whose works piqued my artistic side. I will look them up and get to know them better when I get home. The design and quality of the workmanship of the building equaled that of the Guttenburg Art Museum in New York. The building had seven floors and you started at the top and worked your way down through the artists. There was an abundance of short very artistic films to be watched. I think if you watched them all you would need a couple of days and would be greatly rewarded by the experience.

After spending a couple of hours at the museum I headed off to the Food & Film Festival. Whilst having dinner I met a young boy (Julian) who was being brought up to learn to speak the language of both his mother ( who is Dutch) and his father (who is Austrian) and who was with his son and the boys Dutch grandmother.It was great to practice my Dutch on an unsuspecting boy. We all got along really well. From his Dad I learnt about the Red Bull museum at Hangar 7 in Salzburg. More about that in my next post.

When the film started I went to look for a good vantage point but nothing was to be found – the place was packed. Going back to my ‘Cinderella’ vantage point I noticed a rather empty Corporate Box. What a waste I thought. I entered the box, took a front row seat and adopted an attitude of ‘I belong here’. The other three occupants didn’t turn a hair. About a half an hour into the film a young lady entered the box and asked for my ticket, I replied “I am from Australia, helaas I have no tickets but I thought everyone was welcome here”, she thought for a moment, saw I was a harmless ‘ringer’ and agreed to let me stay, on the proviso if the box filled up I was to leave. Fair enough; No-one else came so. I got to watch a great movie in great comfort – scored.

On my way home I passed what I thought earlier were some old derelict industrial buildings, turns out it was the Arena a kind of ‘Fly by Night Club’ and there was a gig on that night – sixties garage-music. As I walked past I saw this really cool early fifties Hudson (nicely chopped and lowered) pull up. I quickly sprinted across the road to catch up with the owner. Unfortunately he didn’t have much time to chat as he was needed at the gig, we did however have time to exchange some vital statistics and I have since found out the dude’s name is Ivko Holy and his Club is the ‘Lead Saints Club. They have a very cool facebook page. For lovers of American metal especially late 40’s and early 59’s sleighs, check it out, you’ll like it.

I returned this morning to check out and photograph the buildings graffiti, here are a few examples – enjoy.

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