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Got up early this morning for a walk around Thekhet; in its glory days it would have had the look of a French Provisional town. Unfortunately most of the French looking building are in an advanced state of decay. Some aid funds would soon bring the town up to sctrach again and it would be a great way of attracting tourists as it has quite a bit to offer. Some views from around town.

I also took some time to watch a couple of people fish the Mekong.


On our way out of town we visited quite a unique cave that had only been discovered in 2004. A local had seen bats flying in and out of a crack high up on a sheer cliff. He decided to use a vine to investigate and discovered a cave full Buddhist statues 220 in all. At first he thought he must have been imagining it but 9 days later he showed it to his fellow villages. No one know how old they are but apparently they have ancient scripts on them. The villages now guard the cave 24hrs a day. Unfortunately you are not permitted to take photos so I can’t show them to you. The site has been made accessible through a New Zealand Aid program.

We also passed Friendship Bridge No 3. There are very imposing Immigration and Customs Building on both sides of the river (one side Lao and one side Thailand). The officials were good enough to let me pass through the border to take a couple of snaps.


Arriving in Vientiane I had a little mishap with the keys. We stopped in the back streets to look for a back-backers. As I got out and locked the doors I accidentally dropped the keys. You guessed it; there were cracks in the storm water covers and my keys fell straight into the dirty stinkie drain. Luckily there wasn’t much water and I could just see the keys. Barry had an extension magnet and after a bit of fiddling I was able to recover the keys: WHEW !!!! Thankfully we had my spare set of Siem Reap keys.

Some of you may be wondering whether there is any time for exercise on our trip – well yes we make time. Mike does his yoga first thing every morning and here are a couple of pics of me doing aerobics with the locals in Vientiane.

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    Nice work there PJ lucky you could get them loving the Blog Steve and Barb xoxoxo

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