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What a lovely city Chicago is. We took an architecture river cruise on the river that runs through the middle of the city. You would never imagine how interesting such a cruise can be, Chicago has lots of skyscrapers including the Sears Tower which is the second tallest building in the USA. Unlike Perth where all our buildings are just square shapes and our tallest and newest tall building resembles a Kellogg’s corn flakes building painted black, Chicago has many buildings which show the artistic flair of the architects and are pleasing to the eye. Interestingly enough it also has many buildings that are black as a result of architect in the 70’s believing that office buildings should resemlble office buildings and not be embellished with uunnecessary adornment on the outside.

In the evening we went an listened to a free concert at Millenium Park. It was packed out and the Mexican musicians were excellent.

Highlight was our night at the Kingston Mines jazz club where we listened to Joanna Connors. Now there is a lady that can rip a guitar. she was absolutely fantastic. We also listened to the Mike Wheeler Band in the stage area next door. They have two stages in connecting room, this allows one band to set up whilst the other is playing. The decor is everything you would expect from one of the oldest and best Jazz Clubs in Chicago. What a city!!!



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  1. Reply Barbara Frizzell Aug 13,2017 9:40 pm

    It looks beautiful Pete, Hope one day we will get there. Keep enjoying your adventure. Much Love Steve and Barb xoxo

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