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11th August 2015:

The last couple of days have been all about “Classic Machinas”…. This is the term that our cars got given way back when, at a border crossing . I don’t recall which one any more.

The term “Machina” is used in many places for automobile … So our cars are deservedly “Classic Machinas”. But so are many more . The love old cars is every where we have been, even if in many places not many are about . We heard of people’s cars and saw pictures.

On Sunday 9th August we headed west as usual, but took a detour to an Auto Museum in a little village called Wolfegg. When we arrived we where stoked to have turned up on an open day. Literally hundreds of “Classic Machinas”. Vehicles from all eras on display and carnival atmosphere. There were probably just as many classic cars in the parking area as there was in the area set up for the display. People milling around chatting about there cars.

A fantastic mix vehicles and fantastic atmosphere, a band playing rockabilly type music and food and beer … A really nice Sunday picnic kind of feel. … Even more so as the weather has been warm .

Then more “Classic Machinas” yesterday ( Monday 10th August) at the French car museum …called Cite De L’ Automobile Musee” in Mulhouse . The museum is based around a collection of old Bugatti cars that where collected by two French industrialists . Now there is hundreds and hundreds of cars , from the very first steam powered horseless carriages to the latests Bugatti that retails at €1.3 million and can reach speeds of over 400 km / hr . The history of the auto and the designers and the various manufactures is very well presented.

What a display ! … Barry summed it up by saying: “Gee …this really shows how cars have been a big part of the last 100 years or so”. What an understatement… But true . Our whole society, our cities and landscapes are dominated by our transport systems.

And also yesterday we made it to L’Aventure Peugeot … The Peugeot museum in Sochaux . We where welcomed by one of the staff who gave us a private tour of parts of the display .

And it is also amazing how over the years Peugeot have manufactured sowing machines, bikes, garden implements, washing machines etc .

The displays are great and we enjoyed talking with the staff .

And importantly one of the milestones was reached … Getting to the Peugeot Museum !!!!

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