Crossing the Finishing Line – Peter 5

10th August 2015: 

At 2.55 pm on the 10th August 2015 after covering 25,645 kilometers the 504 drove into Paris.

On the corner of my hotel the authorities had very obligingly put a street sign with the words ‘Paris’. How very kind of them (see feature photo). Coming into Paris I also took the opportunity of taking a photo as I entered Vincennes the suburb we are staying in.

The drive into Paris was via a beautiful park so it was nice to be welcomed into Paris on a nice sunny day via a beautiful route.

Barry and Mike along with their wives Tina and Fiona have taken a slightly longer rote to Paris from Vienna and will catch up in a couple of days, where after we will carry out our photo shoot in Paris; all going well.

Stopping off at the Hotel just long enough to drop my gear in my room it was off to a Cafe to celebrate my achievement. Sitting quietly, watching and feeling the ‘buzz’ of Paris a beer never tasted so good. Next to me were a couple of Parisian businessmen conversing  in French  (of course). All was good with the world. It was not long before we struck up a conversation; the businessmen turned out to be Stephane (a banker) and Thomas (a lawyer). We spoke of this and that and of course our trip half way around the world. As both Stephane and Thomas live in Paris and they have a perfect transportation system; the Metro (one of the best in the World), hire bikes and electric hire cars (on nearly every corner) even a drivers licence is only required for holidays. After a few more beers we agreed to meet up the following day for lunch. Such great hospitality.

Before going for lunch the following day, Stephane and Thomas signed my car – such cool guys. Afterwards they took me to this beautiful small Paris restaurant. The meal was superb … as was the wine. Thank you so much for welcoming me into Paris following this great adventure.

I have now been welcomed into France by my two French Students Alban & Etienne (see previous posts) and here I now am being welcomed and celebrating reaching Paris with two Parisians – does it get any better than that!!!

One street down from the Hotel you can see the Eiffel Tower – pretty neat eh!

The following day, using the metro and a hire bike I started researching possible photo shoot sites. Hiring a bike is such a wonderful way of getting around Paris. You can ride where you like (but watch out for Gendarmes if going up streets against the traffic), stop when and where you like and get the real feel of being in Paris, bumping over the cobblestones.

A wonderful first day in Paris

5 thoughts on “Crossing the Finishing Line – Peter

  1. Reply Barbara Aug 15,2015 6:38 am

    Wow you did it congratulations what a adventure you have had
    Barb xoxo

  2. Reply Renee Mouritz Aug 15,2015 8:01 am

    Hi Pete, Congratulations on your epic adventure! The photo of the cars in front of the Eiffel Tower just made my day! I am so proud of you guys for fulfilling a dream the way you have. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Europe. Take care, travel safe! xx

  3. Reply Erwin Aug 15,2015 10:28 am

    Congratulation you did it. What a great achievement!

  4. Reply Nataly Aug 15,2015 2:22 pm

    Artiom and Nataly
    Our congratulations!!! You are super travelers!!! You did it!!!

  5. Reply Dave DUIRS Aug 15,2015 5:12 pm

    Congratulations & well done! Many thanks for sharing your trip with the great blogs. Best wishes Dave DUIRS NZ

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