Eggs, eggs,! Maybe not

Over many years of travel often to quite exotic places, one thing I have learnt is that people eat many different and strange looking things for breakfast. After a couple of instances where my choice of the local breakfast was to say the least sub optimal one thing I learnt was that no one can really stuff up an egg. It may not always be cooked through but an egg is an egg and can always be relied upon.

Here in the good ole USA an egg is no longer an egg. They deconstruct and then reconstruct the egg so that the egg in your burger comes in two distinct layers, first the white which is cooked first then they put a yolk on it like a second storey. It looks weird.

McDonalds now advertises fresh cracked eggs for their burgers; can you believe that?

Message to President Trump; to make America great again lets go back to only calling fresh cracked eggs, eggs.



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