Elephants, Elephants and more Elephants – Peter

10th May 2015: 

Well that is what the brochures promised and tigers as well. With promises in mind and after a breakfast of eggs on toast (our Hawaiian, Thai lady came through in spades) we took off for a day in the Haew Suwat National Park, hoping to see lots and lots of elephants. Foreigners are charged a different price to locals, so we paid our $400 baht and 50 for the car. About A$18 so a pretty fair price to see lots of elephants and tigers. Helass they were all hiding. It is a very big park and as it was a 2.5 hour drive to the park we were there in the heat of the day, the time of day most animals sleep at at least have a nap. We did see a couple of very nice waterfalls, a couple of deer and some very naughty monkeys.   It was a nice break from our journey.

At the lunch spot we met a Thai couple we had come visiting the park from Bangkok for the day. They were intrigued with our cars as they had named their young daughter Perth. Apparently the young couple were planning to visit Perth when the girl heard she was pregnant. The trip has been postponed and they named their baby Perth in honor of their intentions – a nice story eh!

As it was a long drive back to the hotel we stayed in the previous night we thought we might try out one of the resort hotels in the hills – who knows we might get a super deal like our past resort experience. Our luck was not in – the room rates were 3x what we were paying. Just before a tropical downpour we found a suitable hotel in the hills for $15 a night. The accommodation wasn’t flash but it had character as did our host. Our host had the demeanor of a ‘lady boy’, he was very nice and hospitable. He had studied Medical Science but didn’t like it and was now studying Hospitality.  Out of our room windows we spied a temple up on the hill. Barry inspired us to take a walk to check it out. The walk was well worth it; it is quite amazing that they put so much effort into building their temples.

Walking back down from the Temple we spied some restaurants on the other side of the hill. On inspection the nicest restaurant (and the only one open) was a Korean BBQ place. The lady sat us down and tried to explain the procedure. We understood it was a buffet but that was about it. We took some dishes out of the fridge and brought them to our table on which was set up a BBQ plate. The food wasn’t bad and they did have beer. Being polite little Aussies we were very polite and only took 4-5 dishes each out of the fridge. Imagine our surprise when two petite (not) young ladies arrived. One (the larger one – sumo size) went to the fridge and started hauling out everything that was in there. She soon had a wall of about 50 dishes built up. No-one seemed surprised. The longer we looked the hunger er that we became. No-one had the courage to compete and we all went to bed slightly hungry.

It was a good day.

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