Hard Rock – Music and Bikies

The next day we drove for about 9 hours hitting the outskirts of Chicago around 6.30pm. As we had not arranged any accomodation our strategy was to stay about 50 miles out of down where we thought we would easily get accomodation – wrong. We tries in a couple of towns and many motels but there was no accomodation available. Thinking that it would get seaside the further away we were from the City we retracted our steps and headed back towards New York. About 100ks from the city we finally found accomodation at a Quality Inn. 

For a beer a local directed us to the nearest bar- that was what we asked for. Cherrys was the name of the bar, slightly delapadated, painted cherry red with paint peeling from the signs saying – biked to be parked at the rear. 

We entered, the place was full of smoke, not quite dark and filled with bikies and their molls (mainly ‘f’ chicks). Still no one seemed to take much notice of us and the doorman who arrived shortly after we entered was pleasant – looked like a Maori bouncer.

The beer was cold and tasted as it should. Once we got settled in one of the guys got up on stage to play. And was he good; Guns and Roses style fully amped up. He was terrific. He finished up with a guitar and drums solo playing both. Man was he good. He was followed up by a band called ‘House Arrest’ and they were equally good. Great music, great vibe, good all round. Apparenty they had played at the recent ‘Dudes Festival’ with ‘Black Valour’ and ‘Supercell’. They finished up after about an hour and a half with there place being taken by a second band, I can’t recall there name but you might recognise them. The bass guitarist was the spitting image of Freddy Kroger’ and his mate lead guitarist had a wolf skin on his head. Real Ding, Ding, country style.

It was a great night followed by a delicious Chinese meal.

Sorry but I wasn’t prepared to take photos do I will leave it to your imaginarion

Whoops I nearly forgot: Our car did not have a USB port to charge the laptop and we made a mental note to get one in Chicago. You may not believe this but at the bikie bar sitting right there’s in the middle of the bar was a big jar of adapters including ones to fit a car cigarette holder.

It felt a bit strange asking for a beer and a USB charger with a heavy rock band playing but I did my duty and we now are the proud owners of such a devise.






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