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30th April 2015: 

Its been a great 3 days in KL. We spent the 1st day acclimatising ourselves and finding our way around where we had landed. We thought it was KL City Centre but it was KL Sentral. Our hotel is in ‘Little India’, a place full of interesting people and quite charming. The area is serviced by the YMCA who have directed their focus to the blind and hearing impaired. It is quite amazing to see how the locals take care of those less fortunate than themselves. At night the street comes alive and it is very colourful.

Yesterday we visited the Bird Park which was really interesting, apparently it is the largest aviary in the Southern Hemisphere. There were all sorts of birds and parrots. In the afternoon we visited the PETRONAS Towers. This is a must see if you are visiting KL. It is architecturally a work of art. Everywhere you look you cannot help but be impressed. Fantastic design and engineering skill has been deployed. Just so awesome to see and experience.

IMG_7536 IMG_7602

Today we had to experience the other side of competence; you guessed it ‘ the incompetence of our shipping agent’: Yes means No,; yes I’ve done this before means ‘I’ve never done this before but with a little bit of luck I can rip these people off and not get caught ‘. We have spent the day chasing down insurance agents who can get us the necessary cover so ‘Allah be willing’ we get out cars through customs tomorrow. Did I mention that Friday to Tuesday is long weekend here!  – Tomorrow is another day.

We also meet a spiritual protector; our monk provided us with ‘bracelets’ to void off any evil spirits we might encounter;

Tonight Barry put our dilemma into perspective: We’ll just drink more beer in Kl than in the north of Asia’.  Nothing like a bit of wisdom to pull us back into line.


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  1. Reply Pete Rogers Apr 30,2015 5:24 am

    Yep Baz is a even traveler have been on the ocean with him & his pink blanket hehe

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