Leaving Australia – Peter 2

26th April 2015:

Well the day has finally arrived to depart Australia on our great adventure driving half way around the world. Spent last night with friends at Lester’s farm in York camping out. What a fantastic night, sharing time with old and new friends in the great Ozzie bush.

Everyone did a camp oven (thanks Pete the meal was truly Yum!, never has pork tasted so fine, (pity about the cremated ‘crackling’) so managed to get a wholesome Ozzie meal in my gut before I departed Australia. That should keep me going until I acclimatise to Asian food (which can also be very Yum!). Last night the stars were particularly bright (without the light pollution of a city), it was if the ‘milky way’ was wishing me a good and safe journey, I’m sure the satellite that passed overhead was winking me an interesting time.  Up at ‘sparrow’s fart’ to watch the sunrise, Kerry was already up gathering firewood for the ‘brekkie fire’. Steve welcomed in my last day in Oz (for a while – not ever) by making me an early morning cup of coffee sweetened just the way I like it. What wonderful people they are. After a magnificent ‘big brekkie’ cooked over the open fire (eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes on camp fire toasted muffins – eat your heart out people) it was all too soon to leave friends behind and head out to the airport.

A big thanks guys for making my last evening before my trip such a memorable experience (including Steve falling backwards out of his chair – we all agree it was Lou’s fault for bringing the chair).

Met up with Barry, Tina (Barry’s wife) and Barry’s daughter Renee’ at the airport.

At Perth Airport

At Perth Airport

Yes, to those doubters I did make it on time and ‘yes’ I even remembered to bring my passport. Learnt that Renee’ is going to join us on the 30th April and will accompany us till the Chinese border (about 3 weeks away). Managed to score a few small plastic bottles of booze at Airport Duty Free. Barry reckons they might be useful as ‘gifts’ to facilitate passage across borders. I’m not so sure; not sure that they will last that long.

Tomorrow we hope to get out to Port Kelang and meet up with the Shipping Agent when we will get more info on when we can expect our cars to come off the ship. Let’s all keep your fingers crossed…

More in the coming days…

2 thoughts on “Leaving Australia – Peter

  1. Reply Barbara and Steve Apr 28,2015 5:35 am

    Hi Peter Glad you made it safe let the adventures begin love Steve and Barb xoxo

  2. Reply Donovan Janus Apr 28,2015 7:33 pm

    But did you remember to bring all your VISA documentation? 😉

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