NYC to Chicago

Had a final coffee before picking up our rental, then leaving the girls behind for more retail therapy, headed off down 6th Avenue or Avenue of the Americans as it is known locally to Chicago. First challenge was to get out of NYC. The roads leading into the Holland Tunnel were packed as eight lanes of traffic try and squeeze into the one lane leading into the tunnel which then widens to two lanes. Once out of the tunnel the road kept widening as more roads entetered and then exited. Lots and lots of trucks and all travelling at a fair rate. Not long before we hit the first spaghetti junction (interchange). Got through the first couple OK then missed a merge and we were soon heading south instead of west. We are using Pocket Earth which whilst a great mapping system requires an internet connection to reroute you if you go wrong. I have mine phone turned off so we were traveling without internet. Round and round we went as we hit one spaghetti junction after the other. I finally managed to get off the highway and stop.

After reconnecting via my mobile phone we were soon on our way again. We managed to travel about 300ks that day at an average speed of 50ks and hour. Lots of delays due to roadworks where they tend to close off 15 miles of road to work on about 100 meters only. Reminded me of Kazakhstan where they had closed off 250ks of road leading into the Amarty. Otherwise the roads were very good and the drivers courtest.

Around 6.00pm an accident happened leaving us parked in traffic in the middle of a long bridge. After about 30 minutes a car up ahead took the initative to peel off onto a side lane leaving us an opportunity to escape by the same method. After visiting a small village we were directed to a somewhat larger village ‘Lewisville’ where we got the last accomodation in town. 

We slept like kings in our king sized beds after a strenuous days drive.


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