Our Wandering Minstrel – Peter 2

27th June 2015: 

All though the day it had looked like it was going to rain however we had been able to stay ahead of the showers. That night as we camped we all tried to guess what the weather was going to do. Our guesses changed as the weather drew closer. After a couple of spits of rain that then stopped Mike came up with the best answer: clearing showers. With this answer we bestowed upon him the job of being our resident Meteorologist.

Mike took the job very seriously and immediately picked up his ukulele and strode of to play to the weather god with a request to hold off with the rain.

This seemed to please the weather god has we had no more rain that evening and went off to bed nice and dry. Unfortunately the weather god felt that Mike had not played long enough so in the early hours tried to awaken Mike with a little shower so that Mike would play him some more music. Mike stubbornly refused to get out of his warm bed. After about an hour the weather god pleaded with Mike again but again Mike refused to budge. This pissed off the weather god who then got angry and provided us with a heavy shower that was going to spoil the next day for us (see Hitch Hiker story).

Mike has since been practicing as we have threaten him that he will have to walk to Tehran if he does not hold up his job properly. We are now hoping on continued good weather.


2 thoughts on “Our Wandering Minstrel – Peter

  1. Reply Renee Mouritz Jun 27,2015 7:40 am

    Oh that gave me a good laugh!! Great photos again. That weather sure looked rather threatening!

  2. Reply Barbara and Steve Jun 28,2015 5:55 am

    Hi Peter
    They are some very black clouds glad Mike’s singing worked till the morning Barb Steve

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