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18th August 2015:

It’s taken me a few days to get around to writing this blog .

Not really sure why. Maybe because I have been contemplating what we have achieved ! Maybe because I don’t want it to be over! Or maybe because it is just because I am just not sure what to say.

3 ½ months … Perth … To … Paris … Overland via Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, China ( including some eastern Tibet), Mongolia, a little bit of Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey … Then for Barry and Pete … Bulgaria and Serbia and for me a flight to Rome and fast drive across Italy , a ferry across the Adriatic to Croatia to pick up Fiona and Tina , before meeting up with Barry and Pete again in Budapest – so Hungary , then the home stretch Austria … German and France … !!!!

About twenty five thousand kilometres and around 2, 852 litres or ( if I got the carbon calculator to work ….) about 5.9 tonnes of CO2e.

All that in 3 ½ months … Then a little photo shoot to capture the cars in front of the “Arc de Triomphe” and the Eiffel Tower … !!  …

It’s been quite an experience …and as Pete labeled it … “An adventure of a life time”.

I am certainly very grateful to Barry for asking me to under take this journey and even more grateful to Fiona ( my lovely wife ) for letting me escape for the duration.

And what have we experienced … ? … So much … You have read about some of this in previous blogs.

I can’t really summaries it … People have asked what was the best and what was the worst or most difficult place … Our answer usually … Every where is different and every place has something special to offer . We skimmed over the top of so many places . But that is all you can do on tour like this . Some people have more time and take a year or more to do what we have done . Other do similar time frames. There are a few people out there being “over landers” . We have met a few and the other day at market day in Belgium we met some members of an “over landers club”. They have over 400 members … Many on the road somewhere around the world.

So in the last few days since arriving in Paris we have been gradually winding down. We enjoyed some of the tourist sites of Paris . We are presently being treated to fantastic hospitality at cousin Adams and his wife Tinneke home in Belgium.

We have been to markets and enjoyed the famous Belgium beer, ice cream and chocolate . Fiona and I are heading to the UK shortly and Barry and Tina are planning to enjoy a little more of Europe before heading to the UK .

So the adventure is rapping up !!!

4 thoughts on “Paris and Beyond – Mike

  1. Reply Pete Rogers Aug 18,2015 6:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences I have enjoyed the read:-)

  2. Reply Gordon Hort Aug 20,2015 8:30 pm

    So Glad to see that you and the cars have arrived safely in in Paris,my thoughts have been with you all the Way!

  3. Reply Renee Mouritz Aug 20,2015 9:18 pm

    On behalf of the Peugeot Car Club of Western Australia ( inc ) & all the members, we congratulate you all, Barry, Pete & Mike for what you have achieved. Also to Tina & Fiona & Pete`s family for allowing this journey to be possible . You have all contributed so much to the Peugeot marque, I am sure a great story of this Journey should be told at a special club meeting one night. ~ from Kerry Torpy ~

  4. Reply Chris Melsom Aug 24,2015 1:11 am

    Congratulations Mike and Team. Huge journey. I feel the tears of ‘what next’ rolling down your cheeks. You’ve made a few of us wonder the same question I think, so thanks for that.

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