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4th July 2015: 

Following our interview with the marketing bureau at Peugeot we were approached to give an interview with the local radio station. Of course we said Yes. None of us had done anything like that before.

The interview was arranged for Friday lunchtime and at the appointed time we arrived by taxi. We were ushered into the interview room and with only a few introductions the interview commenced. The interview took approximately 40 minutes and covered a wide range of topics.

The interviewer a very nice lady (whose name I can’t even pronounce – unfortunately) had obviously done her research by reading our blog before the interview commenced. Topics included:

– who we were

– why we were undertaking such an adventure

– what we considered the highlights

– what we thought of Almaty, Kazakhstan

– what were the differences between the people we met

– what were the major differences between the countries we had visited

– etc.,

As the audience was Russian speaking the interviewer had to translate both the question and the answers. We all had the feeling that sometimes she would ask the question in Russian and then forget to translate the question in English for us to answer just looking to us for an answer. In all fairness it mustn’t have been easy for her.

We think we did OK and answered all her questions with aplomb even though all three of us were quite nervous.

If you would like to read a transcript of the interview go to: To read it you will need to be able to read Russian.  If you can read Russian and can translate the interview into English we would be delighted to receive a copy. If not that’s OK as well.






2 thoughts on “Radio Interview – – Peter

  1. Reply Renee Mouritz Jul 4,2015 7:39 pm

    I wish I could read Russian … I would love to hear what you all had to say!

  2. Reply Denise Morgan Jul 10,2015 12:59 pm

    If you like I’ll get my brother to ask his girlfriend. She’s Russian.

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