Reflections on Mongolia – Barry 3

28th June 2015:

2 ½ years ago when I started thinking about this trip and driving Mollie from Australia to England, I looked up on the web about the trip and came up with stories about Mongolia. These inspired me and it became a part of the plan to cross Mongolia.

So after 11,000 km and five countries we where finally there and after the first 200 km of the Gobi desert it is as good as expected ! You come over a rise and you can see for 20km or more across the green plain, dotted with horses, sheep, goats and two humped camels.

And in our fist town Sanshand, Mike and I went for walk and checked the shops and found 4.5 % beer. After the light beers of China this was find. We celebrated by buying a couple of coldies and sat down on the steps with a couple of locals …just enjoying the late afternoon coolness. was cool thing to do and without any language we knew we made a little connection.

Then 2 nights in the capital …UB and 6 nights on the road heading west to the Russian border ( including 4 nights camping ) in amazing tree less landscapes, with vast vistas and was truly amazing . We travelled 1833 Km , with 36 hours of travel time ( actually moving … Based on GPS records ) … That turns into an average speed of 50km/hour !!!!!

The roads varied from great too the worst ( biggest corrugations ever seen) and on two days we only managed 250km and did 9 hours from the start of the day’s drive until we found our camp site. We stopped a few times along the way ….a few running repairs along the way.

The trip has been very hard on Mollie, even though I had the springs reconditioned …. It’s the potholes in the older bitumen roads that do the most damage.

But it’s a country to return too … There is so much we missed … Even though we saw so much … the scenery is magnificent and the people friendly .

3 thoughts on “Reflections on Mongolia – Barry

  1. Reply Renee Mouritz Jun 27,2015 8:38 pm

    Lovely to hear your thoughts on Mongolia Dad. I hope some day we can go back there with you! xxx

  2. Reply Neil Mouritz Jun 28,2015 11:43 pm

    good to hear from you Bazza sounds great and all is going well !!!!

  3. Reply Pete Rogers Jun 29,2015 7:07 am

    Awesome Baz I know how much effort you put in to make it happen. You must feel like you have your hand’s on the holly grail.

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