Rome to Dubrovnik – Mike

3rd August 2015:

Right now I am sitting in café in Dubrovnik, Croatia …. Good wifi at last.

Yesterday was a day of moving plans … travel logistic can be like that.

I was supposed to pick up Fiona and Tina from Rome Airport … But their plane from London to Rome was stuffed up. … I stayed near the Rome Airport yesterday ( 2 August ) … Or at least the sea side town of Fiumicino.

Hopefully some pictures will end up on this post … Some are of the fishing port of Fiumicino … A little like Freo !!! Or more correctly you can see the Italian influence in Freo !!!

Fiumicino, Italy

Fiumicino, Italy


The last few days have been even more of a head spin than other parts of our journey . You will have read before that my son Tom joined us for a couple of weeks. We meet him in Iran and travelled across Iran and Turkey together.

We got to Gallipoli a couple of days back (see earlier post ) … Then after that moving experience Tom and I caught a bus to Istanbul and had day and half site seeing ( see the Swimming in the Bosphorus post)

Then Tom caught a plane back to Oz and I caught a plane to Rome.

After spending the night at modest hotel I picked up our ease car at near the airport . We have it for a month. A brand new 308 Peugeot wagon. A good deal … It’s a lease rather than hire and good value for money.

The hot rod ... just a little younger

The hot rod … just a little younger

The car had 5km on the clock when I picked it up … Now it has 500 km … I raced from near Rome to Bari on the east coast of Italy to catch car ferry to Dubrovnik ….!!! I think I was only in Italy for about 26 hours !!

After driving Mollie … a 55 year old car for 3 months … This brand new car is like a dream … Hooning along the free ways at 130 Km … That’s the speed limit … So why not. ???

Tina and Fiona are now flying to Dubrovnik.

I am having a beer and wondering what next.

The idea is to drive east to Belgrade or Budapest where Barry and Pete are waiting for us to join them. We then head NW toward Paris … And the official conclusion of this grand tour.

The car ferry ride to Dubrovnik was un eventful . We travel overnight. The cabin we booked was deep down in the bowls of the boat … So no view but a good nights sleep. It’s an amazing process to be part off . Hundreds of cars all lining up for their various destinations.

I emerged at dawn as the boat neared the Croatian coast … A quick breakfast then unloading from the boat took a while as every passanger in cars needs to checked re passport etc … Just slow. No checking of vehicles.

Sunrise over the Adriatic Sea

Sunrise over the Adriatic Sea

Then eventually I wind my way through the narrow little streets of Dubrovnik and find a parking spot and do a little wandering around the old walled city before finding a hotel and heading for the beach. Very hectic tourist mecca, with a nice relaxed feel..

Old city ... Dubrovnik

Old city … Dubrovnik

The ocean is clean and crisp . No beach just jumping of the rocks into the clean waters of the Adriatic. It’s every thing the tourist pictures express.

A Dubrovnik beach

A Dubrovnik beach

Swimming hole

Swimming hole


Fiona and Tina arrive in the morning and we do a little looking around before begin the next phase of the journey.

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