Samroiyod Beach – Peter 1

 7th May 2015:

It’s been a nice couple of days driving up to Bangkok. Being so close to the sea the sound of the surf is never far from Barry and Mike’s ear. Barry seems to have the most problem with his ears and this tends to translate into how he steers Mollie. Barry is speaking of servicing Mollie’s brakes as they keep pulling to the right (ocean side) however once we pass Bangkok and head north away from the ocean I’m sure all Mollie’s brake pulling problems will miraculously disappear.

As we move north it seems a good idea to follow the coast road and check out rural Thailand. Our GPS lady does not think this is a very good idea and keeps telling us so. Mike and I are getting a little bit tired of her nagging. Make a U turn: travel 259 meters and make a turn right; and more of that garbage. I heard the GPS lady only has so many turns in her system and we are hopeful that the ‘Make a U Turn’ command will soon wear out.

We decide that as lunch time is not far away a swing to the ocean would not be amiss. By pure chance we reach this little fishing hamlet and are surprised by how picturesque the little village is. Heaps of boats and a beautiful temple area as well. After communicating with the locals – by imitating their behaviors – they did not speak English – which brings lots of smiles but no other result, we drive a few more meters to the beach.


The owners of the local Tavern welcomes us to his restaurant for lunch and what a lovely lunch it was.


After a couple of beers we decide (as good citizens should) that it might be best if we stay in the area for the night – we are ahead of time and this will be the last we see of the ocean for some time (like the next time will be when we reach Europe). After visiting a nearby National Park and seeing some of the cutest monkey’s ever we reach the resort town of Samroiyod Beach.

A couple of nice opportunities present themselves but don’t cut the mustard. We meet a guy from Queensland who has moved to Bangkok and is holidaying in the area; he informs us of better prospects down the road. He is right.

After a bit of negotiation we arrange a ‘resort to ourselves’ arrangement with the caretaker of a small resort hotel with front yard pool. There is beer in the fridge of each room but we need to bring our own snacks; tea and coffee for breakfast but bring your own food. Exclusive resort rates a $250 a night and pick what room you like.  Does it get any better than this?

We take a walk along the beach to check out the local squid boats. Later in the night we watch them set out to sea and can see their fluorescent lights as they go about their fishing activities throughout the night.

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    Again sounds fantastic.

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