Street Art – Peter 3

3rd May 2015: 

Georgetown is known for its street art. Spent the morning wandering around town exploring the street art. Here is a small selection.

Later that afternoon we decide that it would be better paying a rickshaw rider to pedal us around the Old City as this is very good for the local economy and also less tiring for us. This was an inspired move as my rickshaw rider was quite a character.


Not only did he manage to make an hour trip into a 1  ½ hour trip; and thus increase his take by 50%, he showed us some very interesting places that we would not have seen if we had relied on our own exploring. On arriving back at our lodging we met Matt Yo and Amelia their 18 month daughter) from Brisbane and spend some time chatting. They are recent expats living in KL. He is an engineer who was working in Mining but made a move into Power Generation and then got the Kuala Lumpa gig with the Company he worked for.  Smart move. My cold has not improved so it was an early night for me. Managed to get some sleep; not withstanding my coughing fits and being bitten by mosquitoes.

We agree that we will depart early the next day. One reason being that Barry has glued the front end of the radiator fan to the back end thus bypassing the electromagnetic component of my car and we want to see how this will work; secondly we fear a great exodus of people from Georgetown to Thailand with the end of the long weekend in Malaysia with subsequent long delays at the border.

3 thoughts on “Street Art – Peter

  1. Reply Stephen Maher May 5,2015 6:22 am

    Perhaps you should have taken your air brush, Peter.

  2. Reply Annette May 5,2015 6:33 am

    Fantastic street art! Sounds like you are already having lots of adventures.

  3. Reply PJ May 6,2015 5:32 am

    We are trying and so far keep finding them or more likely they are finding us

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