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Monday 4th May 2015:

We leave on time but without breakfast. Barry is very kind and gets me a Cappuccino from the coffee bar down the road in his travel cup. A stroke of genius. This keeps me going and there is no excuse to delay our departure.

The Barry ‘fix it’ method on my radiator works and it is good that it does as we have elected to take a secondary route to Thailand which passes through some very mountainous country.

The view leaving Georgetown was magnificent. The hills to the east were cloaked in mist with the mist being heavy in the valleys but lighter on the peaks so that the mountains looked like they were floating on air. The temperature was perfect and the sun was shining.


Once off the expressway the road became very scenic with only light traffic. We reached the border around 10.30am. Both the Malays and Thai official were very accommodating and we get our passports and Carnets signed without too much bother after a couple of small false starts. The line was very short; about three people in front of us – perfectly timed. They only get about 3 foreign cars through these posts a year so some referencing to past documents was required.

We cannot leave Malaysia with commenting on the generous and happy nature of the Malays. It was a real pleasure to visit their country. What a wonderful experience to be treated so kindly by so many different people.

Once in Thailand we notice the large number of police officials manning traffic stops although no-one seems to be actually stopped. Reminds me of the stops into and out of towns in the Middle East.

Our night stop is going to be in Yala the provincial capital. We soon find suitable accommodation in town and we get four rooms in the heart of town. The cost is Baht400 a night (about A$15.00). Whilst they do not have car parking we are able to park our cars outside right under our window.

4th May 2015: Barry:

The climb thought the mountains was hard work for Mollie, she is overloaded with too much gear for the trip. Were down to 1st gear on there of the hills, which was as hard work as My Kosciusko last year. With a new fan on the car Mollie took it in her stride.

4th May 2015: Mike

….  today it was great to test out boarder skills … Crossed from Malaysia to Thailand without any hassle at all …just a little time .  The scenery along the way went from rice paddies to car factories to hilly tropics.  A few radical longish hills and tight corners … and made it to Yala a completely non tourist town … we are quite odd here and Mollie and Lekie  – (Pete’s 504 car) are our passport to finding locals who are willing to help.  Always ask where are we from … A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I.A  ….  kangaroo .. and they are amazed … as we are !!!!! .   The days are very warm ,but here in Yala the humidity is a little less than Georgetown.


8 thoughts on “Thailand Here We Come – Peter

  1. Reply Stephen Maher May 5,2015 6:36 am

    Hey Peter,
    It looks like you have called your car Lekie. What is the significance of that?

  2. Reply Wayne Cherrington May 5,2015 5:42 pm

    all the best for your trip Barry and mates!

  3. Reply PJ May 6,2015 5:34 am

    Hi Stephen: Lekie is Mike’s name for my car all because of a small electrical problem that took out the radiator fan. A little bit of glue and all is well – or at least so far.

  4. Reply Patto May 6,2015 7:09 am

    Mike you say in your post that you are a little odd in yala?? Whats different from anywhere else???

  5. Reply Patto May 6,2015 7:16 am

    Have you got alarms on the cars? You said Peter that you parked the cars outside your hotel window, I had a HR after it was pinched twice i installed a killswitch.. Yeah I know who would ever want to steal a HR holden even in its heyday???

  6. Reply Chaina May 6,2015 11:08 pm

    thanks for the weather reports.
    What’s the surf like?

  7. Reply Stephen Maher May 8,2015 1:35 am

    $20 per night. Is that with vermin included? LOL

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