The Bamboo Bridge – Peter 7

15th May 2015: 

We started the day by giving the cars a birthday. Cleaning out the dust from inside and outside our cars. Renee had a nice surprise for me for my birthday having found the Beatles song on YouTube – When I’m 64. The video was played and they gave me a nice birthday card.


Yesterday my email decided to give up the ghost and as I have no phone for Cambodia I cannot check to see whether I got any birthday messages.

Today we headed for the Laos border but not before finding and driving cross the bamboo bridge. The bridge is about 1km long and takes you to a local resort area. On reaching the bridge it was time to take a deep breath, tighten your sphincter muscles and slowly breathe out as our wheels hit the bridge. The bridge makes a weird noise as you drive over it. It looks rickety but is not as rickety as you might think. There are a few boards placed where the bamboo has sunk away but otherwise it was OK.

The roads to the border are good except for about 30Km’s that were under construction. We stopped off in Kratie to celebrate my birthday with a birthday lunch. We lunched at the Jasmine Boat a restaurant that overlooked the Mekong River. Unfortunately we did not see any of the famous Mekong dolphins and it was too warm to sit outside.

Once in Stung Treng we looked for a hotel. For the first time in our journey the first two hotels we approached were full. We finally found a guesthouse with 6 rooms, of which 4 were available. Two with airco; two without. As the birthday boy I got the front room with an airco unit.


7 thoughts on “The Bamboo Bridge – Peter

  1. Reply Stephen Maher May 15,2015 11:19 pm

    Hapoy Birthday from Kerry and Stephen

    • Reply Peter May 16,2015 8:11 am

      Hi Kerry, Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you had a great birthday as well. Mine was very special.

  2. Reply dave duirs May 16,2015 12:17 am

    Happy birthday! Enjoying your notes immensely. Trust you & cars all going well. Take care. Dave & Dorothy in NZ. Your roads seem as good as some of ours from here to Auckland where they seem to be digging up roads all over the place……..maybe they have surplus cones to show off!!

  3. Reply Erwin May 16,2015 4:46 am

    Happy birthday Peter. Great posts and photos all the way through. Love it. Enjoy the Bamboo Bridges and the 4WDing with the Peugeot.

  4. Reply Erwin Enz May 16,2015 7:37 am

    Hi Peter, It looks like your emails are still not working and bouncing back. Can you access it trough webmail on the Bigpond website? If not you can always use your new email address at I removed the forwarding to so it should work if you configure the client at outlook. I have sent a test email. If you need any help, just let me know. If we have to communicate further on here you will find all my messages in the spam folder. Please check it. You can delete this message after reading.

    • Reply Peter May 16,2015 8:14 am

      Hi Erwin, my email is hosted by my brother in law so have asked him to have a look to see what is wrong. I will try that first. My phone is also on the blink so need to sort that out as well. Will wait until Monday when I will buy a local phone card in Lao and see how I go. Very much appreciate your assistance. Will keep you posted.

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