Tired and Locked Out 1

Arrived in New York after a 30 hour long haul flight from Perth via Hong Kong. Managed to negotiate the train and metro system in the early hours arriving at our Airbnb on the third floor of an old brown stone in the West Village only to find the key left for us at the Diner below did not open the door. Attempts to contact the emergency number were to no avail nor was it possible to leave a message. We finally managed to send an email which after a couple of hours was answered. We were given a code to open one of the four locks on the door. We were very relieved. On entering the apartment we found neither the lights in the bedrooms, the aircon nor toilet were functioning, still the beds were comfy and we were all pleased to lay down our weary heads. Monday and we were off to see NYC and that certainly did not disappoint. It was a glorious day as we walked from one point of interest to the other: we walked Central Park, had our photos taken eating hot dogs on the steps of the Met etc,. Whilst sipping champagne at the upstairs bar at Grand Central I made contact with the guy sitting next to us who would you believe it was a Perth boy, 6 degrees of separation.  Monday night we ate at Buddakan, what a beautiful restaurant. Big high ceilings three stories high looking like everything was covered in gold, large candle laden chandeliers with a large candle on every table. The Asian fusion food was supurb. On the way back to our apartment in the wee hours of the morning we discovered the refurbished Chelsea Markets which are located in the old Nabisco factories. It has all been done out in Industrial style. Whilst all the shops were closed it gave us a unique chance to photograph the Industrial style of the building without having people in the photographs, a rare opportunity in New York. Jasmine had to settle for window shopping.  A tiring but great day in NYC.


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  1. Reply Piet en Petra van der Putten Aug 4,2017 12:53 pm

    Hello everybody
    Nice to see the photos en read your adventures. Have fun!! Love to all but especially to Peter and jasmin.
    Piet and Petra from Holland

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