The following family and friends signed our cars and wrote messages of support. During our journey we will continue to enjoy these messages which will remind us of those back home:

“Hi to all the wonderful people around the world. All the best and a safe trip” – Pete & Shaz

“Bon voyage, enjoy the ride, Nice to see that you’ve swapped the Landrover for a Peugeot. Come back safely” – Elizabeth & Erwin

“Always look on the bright side of life” Thomas & Brigitte

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel” – Mark & Karen Broadfoot

Peugeot still more reliable than GMH since 1889. Best wishes, safe journey” – Mike Deb & Family

Oh what a feeling” – Jo & Aart

Adventure of a lifetime. Best of luck” – Steve & Barb

Have a safe trip” – Peter P

Beilken Family Rules – Have an amazing trip” – Beilken Family

Safe and happy travelling from Perth to Paris” – Ric & Karen Talbot xxx

Have a safe & enjoyable trip” – Jeff

The world is watching” – Wayne & Marie

Blokes of the world say “RU OK Mate” Especially to someone who needs it. Best of luck on this epic trip. Hi to Daka in Ulaanbaatar. Peugeot power” – Simon & Karen

Have the greatest adventure and safety first” – Dwight

To our friends in Paris and around the world look after this man, we love him” – Lou & Kaz

Have a fantastic trip. Make the most of every moment. Keep on tripping” – Denis & Sandra (Aust)

Be happy” – Midas – Van

Cher Peter, Beaucoup de chamco pour cette magnifiqe adventure. Dio pity bron et Paris attention ai fai: Bises,” – Anath

To Peter, good luck and have fun” – Oli (13 years of age)

Dear Peter, I think your pretty lucky so have fun and stay soft safe” – Char 🙂 (11 years of age)

Hello from Perth West Australia. Safe trip :)” – Ross

Have a safe & happy trip: Wish we could come in the boot. Good luck” – Sharon & Steven Gamble

Keep it moving” – Keith & Marie

Wishing you the best adventure of your life. Have fun (a little heart) xx xx – Glenda & Steven

Enjoy, stay safe. Have fun” – Jeff & Judie Love

Hey Peter, We hope you have a great adventure. Safe travelling and keep in touch” – L M Musttou

Wishing you all the best on this amazing adventure for a worthy cause. Hope you make it. Should have chosen a Toyota. Good luck” – Lance & Jade

‘Wishing you a very safe trip Pete. C U when you get back” – Paul & Robyn

Best of luck” – Maggie & Henry

Have a safe journey. We’ll be thinking of you” – Margaret & Rowland Powell

All the best on a great trip 1/2 way across the world” – Geoff & Annie

Enjoy your trip. Enjoy the company and take care” – Merv & June McIver

Awesome adventure. Keep up the good work. Aussie Aussie” – Paul & Kaye 🙂

“Bon voyage” – Kevin & Yvonne

J’aime Paris. Bon Voyage” – Nicky & Alan

Good Luck” – Barney

Good luck guys. xxoo” – Cheryl & Peter

Safe journey. Learn the culture” – Sonny & Alison

Best wishes, Keep smiling” – Paul & Pasco Foley

Some are lucky. Have a great trip” – Kathy & Bruce Minson

How far is it to Paris Peter?: Keep quiet and keep pushing Erwin” – Erwin

These are just some of the people who signed our cars:



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