World Trade Centre – Revisited 1

Having first visited the WTC site only a couple of months after its destruction and having followed the clearing of the debris for a couple of years thereafter, it was great to see the full rebuild and the memorial to those that were lost. The city has done an absolutely fabulous job. For me the site still brings back lots of emotions especially as you read the names inscribed around the pools which mark the footprints of the two towers.

You can’t visit NYC without seeing a musical. Last night we went and saw the ‘Tribute to Carol King’ ‘Beautiful’,it was an excellent show followed by late night drinks at the ‘Knickerbocker ‘ roof top bar over looking Times Square.

After four days of beautiful weather it is now bucketing down with lots of thunder and lighting just in time for our drive out of the city to Chicago. The girls are staying for an extra couple of days in NY but moving to a hotel in Chelsea on the ‘Highline’ whilst Stan and I undertake our road trip.

The issues at ‘Faulty Towers’ continues and we will be happy to see the back of this place. Not withstanding our accomodation challenges we have throughly enjoyed our New York sojourn.

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  1. Reply P.P.H.C. van der Putten Aug 8,2017 7:29 am

    Hé Peter,
    als je poseert voor een foto let dan even op je buikje oké, geintje geniet van deze vervolg trip op Parijs.

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